Company Profile

Abelone is a modern filmproduction. We are based in Hamburg with facilities in Berlin. We represent a vast variety of impeccable talent, geared up for the future of cinematic content. It is about talent and working collectively.

Our vision is to make brands become alive with moving images in terms of connecting professionals individually and integrate classic and new media knowledge for each project. The core strength lies in our unique way of storytelling and professional production service. The future market of content will see fantastic ideas beautifully executed and shot globally. The current and future technical aspects of production allows us to deliver authentic and very filmic pieces to the client, that will help their brand and message to reach new heights. Ultimately this is the very essence of the new content driven language.

We believe in the force of our inimitable and constantly fast growing network which makes us able to provide additional value to the client besides high quality production processes. We provide close, personal, honest and cost- effective processes.