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In August 2015 a group of law students founded a Football initiave for refugees to play football for free with them in Hamburg.

The Initiative was carried out on a entirely voluntary basis with no financial support in any way.

The opportunity to play Football every Monday is a much welcomed break from the otherwise trivial life in the Schnackenburgallee Refugee Camp in Hamburg.

The initiative shows what a small step and a football pitch can achieve in welcoming refugees into their new country.

Abelone is proud to present the first part of their story.

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Mohammad Idriss, Nazar Khorze, Nawras Al Refai, Philipp Schiffmann, Phillip Esche, Jakob Ketels, Jan Steyn


Jan Stollberg


Liam Back / Headcount Records


Abelone Films GmbH


All Kickers, SC Union Altona, Angela Schönenberg, Kuddel, Mamapost GmbH, Hadley´s GmbH, Bucerius Law School